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The Triangle Early American History Seminar meets on Fridays at 4 at the National Humanities Center in either the West Conference Room (second floor) or Main Conference Room (first floor).  Note: for the 2020-2021 academic year, TEAHS will be held virtually via Zoom.  

Many thanks for the support of Carolina Seminars, the Duke University History Department, the North Carolina State University History Department, and the National Humanities Center.

Juliana Barr, Megan Cherry, and Kathleen DuVal, co-organizers

If you would like to join the TEAHS listserv, or to access the papers and Zoom link page, e-mail the graduate student organizer: Daniel Velásquez at Follow us on twitter @TriangleEAHS.


TEAHS 2020-2021 Schedule (all are 4:00-5:15pm via Zoom):

Friday, September 11 – Alejandra Dubcovsky (UC-Riverside), “Women in War, War with Women: Rethinking the 1702 Siege of San Agustín”

Friday, October 23 – Nicole Maskiell (U. of South Carolina), “Good Enough to Suckle the Child”

Friday, December 4 – an informal ‘happy hour’ discussion amongst TEAHS members

Friday, January 15 – Rebecca Brannon (James Madison U.), “‘it is at most but the life of a cabbage’: The New Fear of Dementia after the Revolution”

Friday, March 19 – Kathleen DuVal (UNC), “How Native Nations Survived the Imperial Republic.”

Friday, April 9 – Daniel Velasquez (UNC), “Transimperial Consumers and Smugglers: The Mexican Market for Louisiana Tobacco and British Manufactures, 1780-1800”